Beautiful boho chic wedding outdoor decor

A Rustic wedding  or boho chic is all the rage, a gourgous outdoor beautiful wedding can be yours!

There are so many rustic wedding ideas it blows the mind. You can go burlap all the way or really glam up the outdoor setting with chandeliers , crystals and lighting.

My venue that will be available in 2018 sometime will be a echo wooded friendly space that includes free bridal hair , makeup, champange for the bride and groom only, decorations and tables and chairs! Wow all for $1100.00 wedding only. If you love nature and have a wedding party of 25 people or less this venue is for you.


Mermaid Wedding dress inspirations




The beautiful mermaid wedding dress is a very flattering dress that shows off a woman’s lovely curves. In the above pics you will see a few stunning pics of wedding dresses in white , ivory and even a beautiful rose shade.  These gourgous dresses are beautiful can be for a chic boho wedding to full on glam wedding, it is your day so dream big!  Your dress makes a statement about you and your wedding, all eyes will be on bride on your wedding day, which dress inspires you?


Credit: Dawn Rogers

bridal hair stylist and makeup artist

Goat milk cleanser that is healthy for your skin

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Goat milk cleanser by Milkfancy is made to cleanse and improve the skin. The product is made in small batches to insure freshness, no old products that may be sitting on the self! With so many vitamins and minerals in goats milk it is a very healthy choice for your skin. The cleanser is smooth and creamy and leaves your skin nornished and soft to the touch. Goat milk also has almost the same ph as human skin making it a perfect match! This product is one of our best sellers so click the link above to see the ingredients for this amazing product.

Credit: Dawn Eileen Rogers

bridal hairstylist and makeup artist

Want a Beautiful Wedding at Oak Ally Plantation outside of New Orleans?



A beautiful wedding at Oak Alley can be a dream come true, the ultimate southern belle wedding. Oak Alley has beautiful grounds and a mansion dating back to the civil war, also has salve cabins turned into cute guest cottages were you can spend the night. You will also want to eat at the inn’s restaurant  located on the grounds for some southern cuisine. The main thing about oak alley is the history and the fab 28 oak trees that line the entrance. A wedding at the plantation can set you back 10k plus or more but it is a a very unique and amazing setting to have a wedding.

Tours are available and I have personally toured the mansion and have eaten at the restaurant and it is a fabulous experience in history and scenery.  To get more detailed information on wedding details go to

Credit: bridal hairstylist and makeup artist Dawn Eileen Rogers

Why is goat milk good for your skin and hair?

Why is goat milk so good for your skin and hair? Well I can tell you that having run a goat dairy for 6 years you learn a lot about the animal and goats milk. Goat milk is the closest ph to human skin and coming from nature it is loaded with vitamins and minerals for your skin, a few reasons why it is so good. When I first started I got into it for cheese and not skincare products, after a turn in the market I was thinking to myself what I am going to do with all this milk? After some research about how amazing it was for the skin my company Milkfancy was born and we have been selling now for 6 plus years!

Some facts about Goat milk are that it has the ability to exfoliate your skin naturally because of the makeup of the milk itself, it is great for sensitive skin because of it’s soft and creamy texture. Also a really awesome benefit is the vitamins and minerals it contains, great for acne prone skin to normal skin types.

Many customers that have acne prone skin see improved results. Skin is very indiviual and can react to different ingredients, some makeup you are using now may be why you see your acne getting worse or it might be a reaction to a ingredient in the makeup.  Samples are best if you have very sensitive skin or you are not sure of your shade.

Some things to known about our goat milk products are that we try to make these products as organic as possible, no chemicals, dyes or synthetic fragrances. Many women love these healthy benefits and choose organic and natural makeup and hair care products over chemical ones.

Our best selling products are our liquid mineral foundation with infused goat milk, we have two formulas, acne prone or silky for normal to dry skin. Also people really like the shampoo and conditioner set which is made with pure essential oils in Lavender and eucalyptus, the smell is as amazing in the shampoo and because the scent is pure it lasts a long time. As a licensed hair stylist I often get the question is it safe for color treated hair ?  The answer is yes it is very safe , it will not stripe your hair like other shampoos.

checkout some products today in the link below.


How to be a fabulous bride in New Orleans & have great Wedding Hair

Being a fabulous bride here in New Orleans simply begins with planning. The city is amazing with it’s French culture and old world architecture. Don’t miss the French Quarter were all the live music and world famous restaurants are located, the heart of New Orleans.

Above are Some pics of New Orleans wedding hair styles done by me, the city has very high humidity so extra hold hair spray is a must!  I like John Sebastian extra hold plus, a really great hair spray!  There are so many beautiful women here it is always a pleasure to work on there hair and makeup.

Hair styles are endless and choices depend on your wedding theme and your hair texture. My tips for bridal hair are…

1. First ask your self what kind of wedding are you having? formal, riverboat, outdoor, ranch wedding, chic or glam. Sometimes this alone can narrow down your hair options.

2. Hair texture, if  you happen to have very fine hair don’t go for curls they will just not last. A beautiful French twist or braiding can be beautiful for fine hair. If you have long hair that is thick a messy updo or half do can be a gorgeous choice. Pick the right style for your hair type and you will love your hair.

3. Make sure you do a hair and makeup trial before your wedding to make sure everything is perfect. At a hair and makeup trial you can do a few looks and see what style looks like on you before your big day. It always helps to see the look first because sometimes brides go in a different direction if the style they picked just is not what they thought. It is just like trying on a dress , some just do not look good on you while others look fabulous on you!

4.  All eyes are on the bride so be the best you can be on your special  day.  Some more tips for wedding hair are, do not wash your hair the day of the wedding because it makes updo’s with pins sometimes slip right out on freshly washed hair. Just wash your hair the night before so you can have fab hair for your wedding. For makeup my best tip is clean and moisturizer your skin the night before also so you can have beautiful skin on your wedding day. You want to be beautiful and amazing on your dream day so go the extra mile and prepare your skin and hair before hand.


Getting married in New Orleans  is an experience, the city is filled with beautiful hotels and intimate bed and breakfasts Inns.  Also locations for weddings here are limitless. While New Orleans has many large plantation homes from the days of slavery some are set up to visit for tourists and some you can rent out for a wedding. The history in some of these amazing homes are a must see, everything from real ghosts in some plantation homes to working cotton plantations all with very personal stories about the people who live there and some hard times they went through in the Deep South.

Steve & Laura

Of course New Orleans being a party city many weddings take part in dancing the second line, a tradtional New Orleans dance in a line followed my a jazz band and another tradition is that the bride and groom  go away as a married couple by horse and carriage ride. A great way to also get a tour of the famous French quarter.

My next post I will go into detail about some fab locations to have your wedding in New Orleans.



Military Inspirated outfit worn by Britney Spears

imageBritney Spears is my idea of a military outfit, being in the beauty industry I don’t like the women’s military outfits. Is the a bit over the top? Anyway power to all women out there and all those women in the military.

My son was a marine so I value this day and take a moment to remember those women and men that have fallen.


Julie Vino’s Bridal Wedding Dress Collection


Julie Vino’s Bridal wedding dress collection pictured here is stunning! I just had to show this pic via Pinterest. Alright ready for the sticker shock! $7000-$10,000 plus.  There is hope just go online to fine a dress up for sale, only used one time. Craigslist, Facebook, even might find a pattern that is close to this dress. Get Julie Vino’s bridal wedding dress collection and be inspirated.

Can we talk shoes , the ones the model is wearing are beautiful. My tips for stunning legs before your wedding.

1. Work out like mad

2. A really good spray tan can hide sins and tan legs are beautiful!!


1. A beautiful updo looks glam and shows off your beautiful facial features and the back of your beautiful dress.

2. Trial run for hair and makeup is a must.

3. A dewy look is really in now, use a good highlighter on your cheek area.

Sweet dreams from Italy!

Be Beautiful and enjoy Memorial Day in New Orleans



New Orleans often called “the big easy”  is a very beautiful city with amazing old world architecture. It is a tourist hot spot and a party town until wee hours of the morning. I have spent many getaway weeks in New Orleans.


New Orleans is just a 45 minute drive for me and a I am in New Orleans. This Memorial Day the temputure is in the 80’s and of course you have to deal with the high humidity. Make sure you dress in casual comfortable clothing and walking shoes because it is hot here! In the French quarter it is walking only, you can park your car in one of the parking lots while you are visting unless you are staying in a hotel in the French quarter.

Below are a few photos of a typical New Orleans casual look! Notice both women have hats for shade and casual shoes. If one of these photos could sum up New Orleans it would be the young lady walking the French quarter, talking on her cell and holding a famous New Orleans drink in her hand! Well can you say “the big easy”!!!!!


So we got the clothes down so now let’s talk hair. If you have long hair it is best bradied or put up in a fashionable pony tail because of the heat here and you will be doing a lot of walking. Also if you you do not wear a hat for shade make sure to wear a heat protection spray for your hair.



Makeup in New Orleans


Makeup can be anything from lightweight mineral makeup to very glam for a evening out in New Orleans. The best advice is wear plenty of sunscreen! Be Beautiful and enjoy Memorial Day in New Orleans

Top picks for Memorial Day sights in New Orleans

  1. Go to the National War II Museum, a place were you can see photos and artifacts of fallen soldiers. The museum holds performances by the U.S. marine Corp band and ceremonies on this special day. My own son was a Marine so it is a day to celebrate his service to the united states.
  2. For Festivals head to the Greek Fest for homemade traditional Greek food , wine, live music and other events.
  3. New Orleans Wine and Food Experience for a great get together with some of New Orleans famous restaurants and wineries in the quarter. Enjoy some great wine and great seminars here.
  4. If you love country music go to the Bayou Country Music Fest in the Mercedes Superdome, see Black Shelton, Miranda Lambert, Kenny Chesney and others here.

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Milkfancy Goat Milk Shampoo & Conditioner


Do you want a shampoo that does not stripe your hair? Do you want a shampoo that is healthy for your hair? This awesome shampoo and conditioner set is organic and is infused with goat milk, a best selling product on my site. Also it is made with Young Living pure essential oils in Lavender Eucalyptus, the great thing about essential oils is they smell great and the scent lasts a long time. Goat milk it self is Loaded with vitamins and minerals so it is great food for your hair, this shampoo is the bomb! I am a licensed hair stylist and my customers always comment on the awesome smell and soft feel of their hair after using this shampoo. I rather use this than other brands that have a lot of chemicals in it.

Treat your hair kind and you will see the results in your hair. The best piece of advice I can give you is try to avoid heat, try letting your hair dry naturally then use your flat iron or curling iron and a heat protecting spray to style your hair. Remember try to avoid too much heat ! Too many processes with heat can damage your hair.

• tip   Always deep condition after any color process and always condition after every shampoo

• tip   Get regular trims to avoid split ends

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